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United Way of The Black Hills

Community Impact Grants

Every year UWBH invests the dollars we raise through our fundraising campaign to help our community. Nonprofit organizations, libraries, and schools serving the Black Hills are encouraged to apply for these grant opportunities. Our grants focus on addressing the community’s top needs: 

  • Education:  Affordable, quality early education and school success programs
  • Mental Health:  Access to affordable mental health care providers
  • Substance Abuse:  Prevention & treatment services for substance abuse
  • Abuse & Neglect:  Child and domestic abuse treatment and support services
  • Housing:  Access to affordable housing and emergency housing/shelter 
  • Food Security:  Access to diverse, emergency food programs
  • Economic Opportunities & Transportation:  Workforce development and services to improve a family’s economic situation

Available Grants: 

2024-25 Community Impact Grant Applications will open October 16, 2023.

2024-25 Community Impact Grant Applications are due January 15, 2024

2025-26 Grant Cycle will open Mid-October 2024

When you go to the site, it should say United Way of the Black Hills on the top of the page. It should NOT ask for an organization code. If it does, try using the link with a different browser. 

For more information or any additional questions, please contact John Cass, UWBH Executive Director, at or call (605) 343-5872.

Grant Applications FAQs

How do I access the grant application?

Go to If you’ve applied for a grant before you can log-in. If you’ve forgotten your log-in or password call the office to have it reset (605-343-5872). If you are a new organization that has never applied for a UWBH grant before, click on the button “Click here to create a new account”.

When are grants available? When does funding start?

The grant application is available in October and is due by Mid-January. (Note these dates may change depending on outside factors.)

UWBH volunteers review the grants and make funding decisions in the spring. Funding begins in June and is paid in monthly installments for one year.

What is the typical grant amount? Is there a minimum or maximum to apply for?

There is no typical grant amount. There is no minimum/maximum amount to apply for.

How will funding by decided? Will the volunteers that review the applications be from the same community as the applicants and so be more likely to be familiar with the applicant organizations?

The UWBH utilizes our Board and Cabinet members to evaluate all applications and determine the grant funding. These volunteers are from communities throughout the Black Hills.

Will there be other grant opportunities?

The Community Impact Grants are the primary grants we give out. There may be some other smaller grants with our other programs (Black Hills Reads, Mental Health).

Watch this grants page for other opportunities

Is an annual audit required to be eligible for funding?

Generally, an audit is required but you will have the option to explain why you don’t do one and share what internal controls your agency has in place.

If we wanted to apply as part of a match, would that be eligible?

Yes. If you are using this as a match be sure to mention that in the narrative so that the volunteers evaluating your application can see how you are leveraging UW funds to bring additional funds to your program.

I have a very specific program that I’m not sure will align with this grant, who can I talk to about it?

Funding is aligned with our 2019 Community Needs Assessment. There are 7 Community Impact Areas of greatest need taken from that needs assessment. There will be a qualifying form in the application.

If you are not approved through the qualifying form, please feel free to call to discuss it with us.

If you have additional questions contact John at or 605-343-5872.

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